11 Principles of Being Human

The 11 Principles of Being Human

Energetic Frequencies

  1. We are solar-powered beings, just like plants. 
  2. Nutrition is synthesized through the sun or through whichever food sources make you feel light and free when being digested.
  3. Fasting from some form of addiction, food or drink, is the key to removing toxins and unwanted emotions from the body. 
  4. Disease becomes an issue when the pineal gland isn’t activated or receiving energy from cosmic forces. 
  5. Everything that is anything is a variation of an old ideology to fit modern times. 
  6. Our mind creates our reality but the depth of our mind, whether genetically passed on or learned in this lifetime, reveals the need for self-mastery- to create our own reality.  
  7. Chaos, violence, pain and forms of emotions are here to make the strong appreciate their strength and the weak learn how to be strong. 
  8. We have access to a collective genius but we must first listen to the signs and ask the right questions.
  9. We have full faith and trust in the overall system until we realize that the system is a collective of human creation. At this point we have two choices, be mad at the system for its flawless ability to make us feel free or update the system with our purpose and genetic disposition to free the strength within.
  10. Going deep within ourselves and removing the limits is the only way to truly be happy.
  11. Our default in first world countries should not be about having, it should be about contributing and being.  

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