3 Ways We Can Be Immortal and Extend Human Life

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The key to extending human life and becoming immortal are to focus on whole food plant based living, alternative medicine and nanotechnology. It’s the blend of spirituality, natural living and modern technology that will motivate us to stay healthy, stay ahead with all modern updates and changes as well as find the ability to live well past 100 or 500 years.

Current life extension research puts a key focal point on keeping our stem cells so we can repair damaged cells, keep a healthy immune system, healthy digestive system and focus on living a meaningful life.

The first line of defense we can use is having a whole food plant based diet high in fruits and vegetables. Considering fruits and vegetables are plant based, coming from the Earth directly, it will help the body routinely cleanse itself and focus on enhancing your energy, rather than depleting it. I personally went through several phases of testing different food lifestyles, from just smoothies, being pescatarian, no cooked food, eating all fruit, eating all salty foods and the standard American diet. Aside from eating foods that are nourishing and hydrating, it’s essential to take in all essential vitamins and nutrients.

Next is focusing on alternative medicine which is when you use a range of non-traditional methods, such as herbalism, aromatherapy and acupuncture to treat and heal any bodily ailments. Through alternative medicine, we can create another base layer of defense that enables us to feel and look our best. It took a while to start adopting alternative medicine options in the United States after pharmaceuticals took precedence while disease and various diet types were being tested.

You can account for all the progressive changes in human living, while conducting research to continually advance the human race, nanotechnology and modern medicine that will be able to assist us with creating supreme health, learning more about the human cell and how we can have a fulfilling life.

Between a whole food plant based diet, alternative medicine and the integration of biotechnology/nanotechnology, we will be able to be immortal and keep the human body in the best shape it’s ever been in history.

In the coming articles we will discuss how spirituality keeps you motivated, protected and connected to a higher power. Becoming something more require strong conviction, knowledge and the awareness of managing oneself and everything in between.

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