A Strategy to Make Your Life The Best Video Game Ever

…kind of like a safe but fun as f*ck simulation. 


In this thing we call life, I found we could wind down the strategy we use into five main steps in order to live it, kind of like a safe but fun as f*ck simulation.

It boils down to these five main steps:

  1. Choose or not choose
  2. Just observe your surroundings (which includes people)
  3. Be free about how you feel as vulnerability assist with healing from within and without
  4. Just be yourself
  5. Make sure to share your personal findings with people you can trust (no snakes in the grass)

After this process, all you have to do, like with everything in life, is assess, refine and deploy.

Choose or Not Choose

The key to life is the ability to choose. We make millions of choices every day and with each choice, we are able to better decide what course our life will take. With the bridge of spirituality and technology on its way, we can take more time to make the right choices and use our working through difficult moments exercises to be able to create the life we deserve. Life feels like a video game because it is essential to plan ahead, have a strategy, be ok with updating your strategy with each new significant turning point to create a proper life experience. One movie that is pivotal to watch to understand how important life choices can be is Black Mirror Bandersnatch. While this movie shouldn’t be taken as truth or face value, it is a way to show that the products, environments, people, and places we immerse ourselves in, have a significant impact on the choices we make each and every day.

Just Observe

Feel free to feel free. You can learn the video game of life by simply reading, studying, learning, and having fun while doing it. If you put extreme importance on mitigating the negative energy, understanding it, and transmuting it, you will be able to observe what your daily flow is and effectively change it to fit your desired goals.

Just Be Free About How You Feel

A big roadblock for the world is the limit of vulnerability, no matter what gender, to be free to be themselves when people are and aren’t around. When we allow ourselves to be free to feel, we allow ourselves to understand who we are at the core, when we have nothing but our own company.

Just Be Me

After you are able to be vulnerable with yourself you can then move forward to being happy with being you at the core, no matter what room you’re in. While general rules and common sense apply, you should still be able to walk into any room and feel like you belong there. Your light, your love, and your soul are then welcome any and everywhere.

                     Control Yourself and The World Becomes Easier

Share Your Personal Findings

After amassing a certain amount of intellect, as they said in the movie Lucy with Scarlett Johansson, share the information with people who are in need, people who care, and people who can make useful goods and services with the information. If you are in the business field or looking to get into it, find a practical way to get the solution to a problem you found out to the people that need it. Using the four P’s in marketing, you can monetize safely and make a good quality of life.


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