Best Body Cleanse Starts in the Mind

Best Body Cleanse Starts in the Mind

The Brain and its Neurons 


Cleansing starts with adjusting your beliefs to those that enable you to make your body clean. Any friction or lack of understanding in regards to this goal will cause you to fall short every time.

The best body cleanse starts in the mind with these three schemas:

  1. Your beliefs about cleansing

  2. The context around cleansing

  3. Your perspective of cleansing

Before we dive into these three areas of the mind, there is something to note: sickness, negativity, and pain are all normal—but not ok. When experienced in the midst of our “normal” lives, they’re not something we willingly tolerate, or even accept. And yet, sickness, negativity, and pain are all starting points to deepening our understanding of ourselves. If these difficult experiences and sensations were tolerable, the wellness industry wouldn’t be valued at $3.72 trillion.

This lack of tolerance is a direct result of overconsumption, external dependency, and a loss of our connection to self. You are a beautiful and complex system of atoms and cells capable of doing anything your big heart desires.

So. What frameworks must we learn to change?

Your Beliefs About Cleansing

Ask yourself, “What do I believe cleansing is?” Is it an annoying task necessary to fit into a dress for your friend’s wedding next year? Or is it a beautiful process that will reignite your 20/20 vision and help you permanently clean up your act?

According to entrepreneur Jim Bunch’s essay, “9 Environments of You,” when you have a positive belief system, you will look at your external environments as positive. You will recognize opportunities in life. If you were raised in an environment where you internalized unhealthy beliefs—such as women not lifting heavy things for fear of becoming infertile (which is false because all cells are equal and infertility stems from other clear)—then you will view life as hard and use that filter as you apprehend the world.


Belief systems can be upgraded just like the software on your computer. Actually, let’s upgrade a few:

  1. The sun is what sustains all life on Earth. It emits hydrogen gas which correlates to PH balance (potential for hydrogen). Therefore, lack of sun and an increase of toxic food consumption creates an acidic body in dire need of cleansing.

  1. Natural elements needed to be alive on Earth are sunlight, water, temperature (so we can form states of matter like gas, liquid, and solid), nitrogen, and oxygen.3 Everything else is a result of condensation, evolution, and human invention. Thus, eating food closer to the natural elements will provide a effective cleanse. Changing your mind to eat these foods all the time (which can take several years depending on the many associations indexed in your brain) will help you stay remarkably healthier than your average nutritious eater.

  1. Negativity can be kept out of your body and your mind if you stop identifying with it, consume it less over time, and learn how to view publicly “negative” matters with a positive filter.

The Context Around Cleansing

Where did you first hear about cleansing? The doctor’s office? Through a healthy friend? Was it presented as a life or death choice? Or an option to radically enhance your brain power at work? The context you use to recall any notion of cleansing plays a significant role when taking action. If your immediate associations with cleaning are positive, then you are off to a great start! However, if you have a negative connotation stored in your mind around cleansing—as many of us do—let’s try reframing it right now.

Cleansing gives you the ability to focus on clean healthy thoughts, foods, emotions, actions, and reactions in a world full of chaos. Finding the control (your singular path in this big matrix we call life) enables you to take back control, be more, and do more.

Your Perspective on Cleansing

“I have to do this cleanse.”

“Since cleansing three days ago, I have so much energy.”

“Cleansing deprives me of all these yummy foods.”

“Cleansing opens my eyes to new foods. Now I can taste the chemicals in foods I used to think were so good.”

The four sentiments above outline four vastly different frameworks. How we perceive an experience based on unfavorable circumstances or preconceived biases shape our ability to take action and—more importantly—our ability to stay consistent. Perspective lets one person continue to consume toxic foods in fear of being deprived, while another person consumes alkaline foods and experiences a kind of liberation.

The best body cleanse starts in the mind. The mind can be a messy place when you begin tidying it up. It’ll be for this reason that you’ll face setbacks, as we all have. Consider how many ways you relate to food. You’re replacing the 1,000+ ways you think of food with new thoughts that reflect your current goal. Stay consistent, stop to appreciate your progress, and always remain open to new growth. Cleansing is about the journey, not the destination.



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