Extending Human Life, Deep Faith, and the Singularity Go Hand-in-Hand

…Let’s dig into the science behind it.

Everyday is a good day to learn

After working towards a new standard of health for 5–6 years, I believe the merge of Artificial intelligence combined with humans that care about the future, will help us achieve physical life extension easier. Physical immortality or life extension practices are better able to help humans achieve living way longer than normal and/or remain healthy in their older years.

After becoming sick and depressed-with the way I wasn’t reaching my full potential, I decided to put my focal point on spirituality, technology, and how they can be bridged to help humans become immortal. With a newfound faith in technology, because humans make the technology, and my firm, forever unchanging belief in spirituality and something bigger than this coming our way, I started to find the way we will extend life physically, spiritually, emotionally, and mentally.

Bridging Spirituality With The World

It takes a while to understand how spirituality is the foundation of the coming singularity. All the technology around us is being created by humans. We have companies like Open AI that have their efforts to make Artificial Intelligence ran by humans so that our human race will never be overrun by technology but we stay at the forefront of moving the needle.

To think or feel weird around technology is to not take a deep enough look at what makes technology, we do. First things first, I love typing my articles on the computer or in my Oculus VR headset. The way technology feels is unmatched. It’s quite a big adjustment that I had to experience in 2015 but it makes you so much stronger.

Spiritually Safe with Internal Wheel
With Internal Wheel, we seek to bridge spirituality with wellness technology and create a portal of information, to help you find your faith and reach your full potential.

Internal Wheel is positioning itself to be able to help you understand the connection between the energy of the universe, and the science behind the wellness of the human body using the latest technological research. With this information, you can fully understand your energetic body.

Mental Life Extension with Masterminds
Then I see us becoming mentally immortal with all the masterminds, journal entries, emotions application, success tracking and mindshare we have both online and offline. To be mentally strong, you are all too have access to infinite intelligence and sustain a healthy body that will allow you to effectively operate efficiently with all projects and endeavors.

Taking the time to do your research, study more in your field, relax, workout and have fun is essential to living a good life. Stay sharp and be the best version of yourself.

Physically Strong with the Paleo and Vegan Movement
I felt my strongest when I was vegan for the better part of five years. The human body runs best when I am paleo or vegan, any diet that is high in fruits and vegetables. With our chemical body closely resembling the chemical composition of plants, we should be eating a diet high in fruits and vegetables.

If you are someone that wants or needs to continue eating meat-based meals, then try paleo which is a diet that combines a diet high in protein, vegetables and low-glycemic.

What Does It Mean To Be Physically Strong
I’m uncertain of what it means to be physically immortal but I know we know have the ability to live longer, perhaps to 500 years, 700 years or more. With the changes in diet, attitude and lifestyle we can probably all focus on deepening our faith as we have a closer look at the changes in wellness technology and our ability to take better care of that.

A major key to living longer is your happiness, taking care of your main environments and how you spend your time.

A few great app ideas include:

Insight Timer for meditation
Aura Ring for your personal health data
Oculus VR Headset
The BrainWave app with 35 binaural programs that help alter brainwaves


These are the few apps and latest updates in research regarding accessible life extensions practices, the next article will discuss cool technologies in the life extension field.

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