How To Not Absorb Negative Energy from Negative People

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The human body is a spiritual being, an energetic field before its physical. It’s, for this reason, we can feel “the elephant in the room”, feel people’s emotions and generally prefer to be around positive people rather than constant Debby downers. 

The layers of the aura we each possess includes an emotional layer, on both the spiritual and physical layer, making it difficult to deal with negative people sometimes. By default many of us will be aloof, seeking to enter a numb state so we can avoid energy entering or leaving the body that is of a low vibration we don’t desire.

In this article, we will discuss how to be around negative people and not absorb their temporary low vibrations. 

First, we must note that mainstream media and the default setting of many social circles are discussing life’s mishaps, shortfalls, and gossip for a quick rush (of dopamine). Gossiping and complaining have become the default with the advent of relating to each other. It is scientifically proven that people bond over hardships and dislikes more than positive outcomes. The conundrum here is people do not want to continuously dwell in the problems, we want to find solutions and evolve.

More money, more problems, why keep gossiping and complaining about the same topics when we can evolve by sharing solutions instead and tackle deeper ones?

The trick to managing your energetic field and not absorbing all the low vibes around you is raising your internal vibration. Raising your internal vibration puts you in a place of control where you do not find pity or sympathy for any and everything but feel compassion, acknowledging a person's emotional state without absorbing the feelings they are emitting. No matter how high your internal energy, being around negative people will take a toll. We must have a consistent energetic practice that allows us to detox from the daily toxic intake and reclaim our high energy state straight from the Earth’s energetic field to our cells.

Common practices to not absorb negative energy are:

1. Uprooting your trauma so the low vibratory state of trauma doesn’t get triggered every time you’re near someone with a similar low vibration that you didn't heal yet. Journal it out. Walk it out. Talk it out. Touch the parts of you that you suppressed for so long, so you’re brain can stop signaling to remove it. The brain is also seeking to achieve homeostasis, this means it will constantly send you triggers for the energies it wants to remove (and numbing it by blocking it, drinking it away, or ignoring it is not a sustainable permanent solution).

2. Practice daily movement of your body to move stagnant energy, refresh your mind, connect with your soul and give your body a new start. When we move the body, we are moving physical dense energy out, through body fat, toxins, and thoughts. The more we regulate the physical state of our body and become a healthier individual, the less dense mass for low emotions to hold on to and the more insight we can be open to receive from our intuition. 

3. Thought remodeling as words carry so much power. We think in words, we speak with words, we code the internet with words. Your line of thinking, whether small or grand gets aligns with negativity around you as and your brain forms new connections consciously and subconsciously.

4. Build habits that support your high energy state of being. These habits can include actions like reading every day, going to the gym, finding professional help to have someone to discuss your feelings with and more. Form a new lifestyle with habits displaying the energy you seek to have, not the low state you are trying to move past.

You see, our energetic field interacts with the energetic field around us daily. We cry from movies because we relate. We get triggers from certain conversations because we relate. When you heal your being, thought by thought, you can stand to be around negative people and help heal them rather than being triggering by them.

We all are trying to get better. We are either stuck, moving forward or moving backward to relearn a lesson. Heal yourself and then you can share your insights and help heal others.

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