How We Perceive Each Moment Can Be The Source of Internal Conflict

Is your reaction to life storing memories negatively or positively?


Every moment we take in new information, we are creating internal conflict or promoting inner peace. Absorbing new information daily about the world is an emotional & mental activity that stores data for future use. As we navigate through the world, learn and experience events like reading a book, or seeing the highway you use to drive to work with a massive traffic jam, we categorize the information with emotions. Depending on the positive or negative outlook we feel when taking in new information, we tend to create internal conflict by putting barriers up which inhibit us from taking proper action based on the data. The goal is to see all data as a tool to navigate the world better, to develop a positive perspective as we strive for internal peace.

Our memories get indexed by the way they make us feel.

Feelings and emotions are energy in motion. According to Oxford dictionary, emotions are “a natural instinctive state of mind deriving from one’s circumstances, mood, or relationships with others.” Different emotions create different levels of consciousness, different memory banks and different feelings throughout the body.

With each emotion carrying a specific frequency, the way you take in information as a default dictates consistent internal conflict or understanding through life’s only constant; change.

Below are two situations showing how the emotion can change your point of view.

Example 1:

Your health adviser suggests adopting a plant-based diet to think clearer and remove acne.

Negative Association: You are feeling resistance towards making the switch to a plant-based diet because you will have to shop in different aisles, spending more time when going to the supermarket.

Positive Thought For Taking Action: Forming new shopping habits is worth your time to ensure you live a healthy life. Over time you will get used to shopping in new aisles and build a new habit

Example 2:

To sell your artwork and make more connections you realize you must consistently post your work online where your market is.

Negative block: You feel fear and hesitate posting your artwork online because you got an adverse reaction in the past.

Positive Thought For Taking Action: There are 3 billion people online, only one person didn’t like your artwork in the past, and they do not stand for the total population. You use it as feedback to keep practicing and trust your work is fantastic.

You see the switch from negative outlook to positive? You get new information, a crumb or two that will help further your journey, and instead of fearing what could go wrong, you set the intention for what will go right. Positive emotions with each new bit of information emit an energetic frequency that contributes to your ability to take action, your mental state and overall well being.


The higher the emotions frequency, the happier your emotional state, the better you feel. In a world where people hold steadfast to their expectations and resist change, average emotion storage of new information tends to fall on the lower end of the spectrum of fear grief and guilt. The climate for disease lives in the region below love, making emotions and lack love a major contributing factor to the rising disease rates.

But wait, how can storing new information with the emotion of shame, guilt, apathy, grief or fear create internal conflict or physical harm?

“Many memories include powerful emotions linked with an event, such as grief at the loss of a loved one, or great joy at hearing good news…The mind-body connection happens on both a physical and chemical level. The brain is the hardware that allows you to experience mental states that are labeled the “mind.” This concept of the “mind” encompasses mental states including thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, and emotions. Different mental states can positively or negatively affect biological functioning. This [emotions affecting the body’s biological functioning] occurs since the nervous, endocrine, and immune systems share a common chemical language, which allows constant communication between the mind and body through messengers like hormones and neurotransmitters.” (The Chopra Center, 2019)

We need to restructure beliefs around time and events to find happiness within each moment. Thinking about each choice, each time we use a sense like smell, sight, touch, taste or hearing we need to find a way to see the good in the new information versus the bad. Did you spill your tea? You probably didn’t need it. Did you miss your train this morning? You got saved from an alternative situation, you are grateful and waiting for the next one.

How much of your daily information and decision making are you categorizing with an unpleasant feeling? Remaining neutral, if the sensation doesn’t entice you or you don’t understand this information for use as feedback, try to be at peace with it. From a calm state, we can make sense of what life is trying to tell us.

“Emotions like anger, fear, guilt, anxiety, sadness, resentment, jealousy, depression, and stress can manifest within the body and contribute to imbalance and disease.” (The Chopra Center, 2019)

An open mind (meaning not inhibited by low-end emotions) in each moment starts with one conscious switch of mindset in your normal angry, fear, stressed reaction to things you don’t like.

Think about all the moments you a day where you react negatively, store the negativity, imagine seeing how you can work with everything you encounter rather than complaining about it? Imagine you took a break, sprayed alkaline water all over your body, took a deep breathe and got yourself to a calm state of mind. You would stop creating internal conflict that causes to you attract toxicity, the inner lower frequency emotions that impair you from doing your work. You would store information to enhance your creativity and reaching personal and collective goals while on Earth.

Internal conflict puts a barrier between our natural ability to do work. It stimulates depression overtime and poor behavior that go against your well being. A simple switch as taking in information positively when you navigate the world next can help you stop absorbing pain.

Start asking yourself questions like, how could this situation help me move further along? What aspect of my life am I overlooking? What lesson is the Universe trying to teach me that I may be not giving enough attention at the moment?

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