Merging Spirituality and Technology to Grasp the Current Technological Curve


Human hand Shaking Computer Simulated Hand

Feeling safe, in an era where technology is released at almost the speed of light, requires faith our current timeline and faith the people who are creating it.

In a lot movies we witness technological errors, varying from the humans being attacked by robots to the robots malfunctioning and human intellect surpassing the robot.

After watching a couple of sci-fi movies and actually experiencing technology first hand, I gained a new perspective. What if these movies are actually ways ruling out all the negative ramifications of instances that we don’t want to happen.

When examining technology up close, seeing the founders that build them display their methodology behind the creation online, we come to the conclusion that anything great has a significant cost but can be mitigated by adding love and care for humanity.

A long time ago, I lost my mind and found spirituality to regain faith in something deeper. Upon beginning to read the book The Singularity is Near by Ray Kurzweil, I realized that if we have faith in our path, in the technology itself and the way that we interact with it, we are better able to understand it. Gaining understanding of who you are, what you use and how you use it is the real way to feel safe in a mostly technological world.

Faith in the necessary psychological curve to carry fourth in the future, requires steadfast conviction in your intent, your desire and your ability to positively contribute to the greater intelligence.

Bridging technology and spirituality seems to be the missing key to not going “crazy” with what’s coming fourth. With so much change happening, even at the level of thought, we have to psychologically prepare to learn and advance with it. Thinking like the customer, and the drive that made the creator create the technology allows you to gain new perspective and really enjoy our futuristic way of living.

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