Relaunching The Peace Mist: Changes We've Made and Product Updates

Amethyst Crystal and Plant on Desk

1. We were going to discontinue the product:

A few months ago we posted a video saying we would be discontinuing the peace mist and focusing solely on service. It was a bit drastic, but here is the back story.

2. We needed to research crystals elixirs some more, our decision to use lapis lazuli chips was not a good choice, and we have since introduced new crystal chips that are insoluble in water and go up in PH value: 

Our peace mist continues to bring joy to the lives of many but the permanent submerging of crystals, specifically the lapis lazuli crystal was raising concern in the community. We didn’t want to be just another group of people doing that “thing” with essential oils and crystals. So we decided to discontinue temporarily and really focus on our mission of helping people process their emotions. During this time we received emails, DM’s and text for special orders although the announcement had been made, so it was back to the lab to find new crystals that can last in water, forever. 

The mistake we made before was not doing thorough enough research on lapis lazuli. Although we had coated crystal chips, this gemstone (we use the word crystal loosely in this article) are known to be soluble in water over time, being of sodalite composition so it raised concern (Source). 

3. Here are the new crystals used in our eucalyptus and lavender peace mist below. 

Lavender Peace Mist Crystals: We have transitioned from the combination of lapis lazuli and clear quartz chips to amethyst and clear quartz chips in our lavender peace mist, as quartz is a well-known crystal that will not dissolve nor toxify water. It’s chemical formula, SiO2 is water insoluble. It will not dissolve in water. (Source1, Source2)

Eucalyptus Breath Easy Mist Crystals: We have kept the rainbow moonstone in the eucalyptus breath easy mist as they are coated chips and rainbow moonstone belongs to the feldspar group which has been proven to be insoluble in water. (Source3, Source4

4. Why we made the peace mist in the first place: 

You see, the reason we made this crystal mist in the first place, we being the co-creators Kyrene (@oshun_gere on IG) and Jasmine (@jasminentorok on IG), was to have high energy pick me up to carry in our purse, the office, the work desk, and the yoga mat. Majority of Americans consume sprays but they are toxic and mostly for the purpose of smelling good rather than actual healing. Our lavender peace mist, the first of our peace mist line makes you feel good, makes you feel calm, at ease and refreshed. It stops the monkey brain as you spray yourself and breathe deep. It takes you away from that escalating emotion and lets you get out of your own way for a moment so you can make better decisions.

It is for this very reason that we came full circle with version two and decided we cannot discontinue this product. Peace mist is here to stay!

To date we have sold anywhere between 150-200 bottles; this was the prototype phase. Over the next few months, we aim to get this product into 1200 households while working full-time jobs we love and being students to the game of life.

We love seeing the Instagram stories of people spritzing their workplace, or the spot our peace mist holds in each household. Looking at the effect our peace mist has on each individual, this feels like a forever product.

5. We are thrilled to reintroduce our peace mist this Friday, April 26, with a few updates:

  • New gold cap that is more chic and pretty 
  • An arrow on the spray nozzle for easier spraying
  • Better quality plastic that is compliant with the crystal chips and will not get stuck as often as version one did. (we gave out a lot of new bottles for this version. If you still have a broken cap, email and we will send you a new bottle.
  • Amethyst crystals are in the lavender bottle now, instead of lapis lazuli. Amethyst crystal chips are approved by multiple sources as a crystal that can stay in alkaline water without toxifying it or decomposing over time. 
  • The rainbow moonstone located in our eucalyptus mist is safe to be in immersed in water and raises the sprays vibration.
  • More intention of love and light in each bottle. 
  • Stronger lavender scent for the lavender peace mist that will last longer on the skin. 

We hope you enjoy our peace mist. The full relaunch will be available on the website Friday, April 26, 2019 (same day as Avengers: Endgame 😉 woohoo! Any Marvel fans?).

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