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How Technological Advancement Altars The Human Thinking Process

The benefits of our genius thinking process are enhanced by technological advancements in several ways. Technology makes us more efficient Promotes thinking faster on our toes Higher focus on wellness, success and logistic tech for more accuracy in daily life Changes in belief, action, habits and behavior Technological Advancements Alters The Human Thinking Process in Three States Typically: 1) Overwhelm 2) Remove Clutter 3) Update A lot of people get stuck at the “I’m overwhelmed” state because, adopting a new technology requires a steep learning curve, depending on varying levels of intellect, the product and the service. The Change In Thought Process 1) First we get overwhelmed with the line of thinking limiting us from moving as fast as technology...

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Technological Advances May Be More Spiritual Than You Think

In an era of advance technology being deployed for the consumer rather than only in the hands of the creators, this article aims to explain how technological advances may be more spiritual than you think. In 7th grade, I had the first Nokia camera phone and it started a whole wave for the small private school class. To think we went from going home in fourth grade to a dial up internet with only AOL Instant Messenger as the form of text messages, to a camera phone, it was such an upgrade. During these times I was catholic and never thought of correlating the two. Technology has evolved at such a fast rate that I feel the people mostly adjusted...

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