Technological Advances May Be More Spiritual Than You Think

Stillness With Rocks

In an era of advance technology being deployed for the consumer rather than only in the hands of the creators, this article aims to explain how technological advances may be more spiritual than you think.

In 7th grade, I had the first Nokia camera phone and it started a whole wave for the small private school class. To think we went from going home in fourth grade to a dial up internet with only AOL Instant Messenger as the form of text messages, to a camera phone, it was such an upgrade. During these times I was catholic and never thought of correlating the two. Technology has evolved at such a fast rate that I feel the people mostly adjusted to the global change are millennials, who were born at the intersection of dial up internet and high broadband WiFi. What is commonly misunderstood is that we are slowly changing the inner workings of the world to be internet based in the cloud. To simplify, we can correlate the cloud to the universal consciousness or to energy and matter its self as every creation starts at the level of thought.

Conceptualize going from dial-up internet, to WiFi and an iPhone 13. Technology advances so fast in the last 15 years. Imagine the mindshare necessary to release such futuristic precise technology.

Around 2014, before becoming spiritual and believing in universal energy I felt the shift as helicopters where circling my small neighborhood in Queens, NY. The influx of better street lights, I felt the new technological presence. After a series of unfortunate events, I knew I had to dig deeper before artifical intelligence became fully integrated in our daily life.

At a point of crossroads I realized that the very CEO’s of the companies creating the technology where sharing their thought process behind the technology on YouTube. Everything feels safe when you put people before the product.

With the creators giving personality and a background story to the technology we see everyday, I started to view my weary approach to a massive wave of new technology differently. I saw it as a way for humans to become more efficient rather than humans becoming canceled out or overthrown by robots. Movies like I, Robot and Lucy provide aid to the notion that we should have faith in humanity seeking to utilize technology as an assist for the greater good oppose to the common conversation that it will replace us.

Having faith in the technology available to consumers plays a significant part in advancing humanity.

A long time ago, I read this article on PubMed stating that the average human was unhealthy and noticed that the more wellness technology is deployed, the more personal data we would have to be able to accurately upgrade ourselves. Transitioning from thinking about personal wellness tech like the Apple Watch and the FitBit, think about the ways we get X-rays at the hospital or the innovation in blood pressure machines and checking blood sugar. We are so heavily integrated with technology that the smallest glitch can set someone off. If we can have the same faith in our technology that we have in ourselves and the God/Creator/Being we believe in, we can trust that connecting your spiritual practice with the slow release of robots and machines, we will have a secure, happy future. Spirituality provides the willpower, belief in our existence and a ritual to maintain sanity amongst rapid change.

Being spiritual in the era of the singularity can equate to having a strong conviction in who you are and the power to go with the new flow. There are so many cool technological ideas, being released for work and play purposes, like the Tesla Robots, Amazon Luna Cloud Gaming Service and the invisible home gym MIRROR. With these inventions, we will see a collision of new creative ideas, increase in public safety, increase in video gaming and overall happiness. An important thing to note is that technology is always in development, therefore it can always be improved upon. Faith in humanity, faith in yourself, and faith in technological advances will enable us to continually create a wonderful future.

Spiritual practices I recommend going forward:

1. Documenting the changes in our world that spark unusual emotion or curiosity.

2. Researching technological products and services as much as possible.

3. Remember that the galaxy is vast and there is so much to explore.

4. We are a soul and energy before we are human.

5. Their are people behind the products we use so we can give them time to bring their full idea fourth in several iterations.

6. Finding individual purpose to see how you can contribute to making life easier.

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