The Daily Human Energy Assessment

In the quest to bridge science and spirituality for ultimate healing we created the The Daily Human Energy Assessment (formerly known as the color-coded human). Following up on the work of scientists like Dr. David Hawkins, and research by Margarita Alcantara, the daily human energy assessment is a collection of systems that complete the energetic picture of a human's state of being mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically. 

A lifestyle based on being in the sun and eating more plants started healing ailments in every area, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. 

The Daily Human Energy Assessment is known as a collection of systems that complete the energetic picture of a human, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically. The goal for this research is to go from a disease-dominant species to an energetically aligned species. As we change the baseline of health, we can change the narrative of self-care and put a greater focus on thriving opposed to just surviving. 
Everything you see here today will be stemming from the visible light spectrum. The visible light spectrum is the part of the electromagnetic spectrum that the human eye can see. The whole world around us is a culmination of electromagnetic waves that make our existence a bunch of derivatives of light.

The visible light spectrum helps serve as a great base for energetic alignment through: 

  • Human Level of Consciousness
  • Ph Chart of Food 
  • The 7 Chakras 

First, the human level of consciousness, also known as the Map of Spirituality is a process created by Dr. David Hawkins that can give you an idea of why your current reality is the way it is. Consciousness in its purest form is the state of being awake and aware of one’s surroundings. Your dominant emotion when under pressure can dictate your current level of consciousness.  


Level of Consciousness

Adapted from the book Power vs. Force, each level of consciousness coincides with determinable human behaviors and perceptions about life and God. Each level of consciousness corresponds to a varying strength that exists beyond our 3D reality. 
Before getting into the various levels of our reality, there are key levels of consciousness that serve as a barrier for humanity as a whole. The two significant barriers seem to be at level 200 and level 500. At level 200, the level of courage, we shift from destructive and harmful behavior to life promoting and integrated lifestyles. Currently about 78% of the world’s population is below this significant level. Because this level of consciousness force’s mankind to be destructive, if we have one person calibrated at the level 600 it will counterbalance the negativity of 10 million people radiating below 200. 
The second greatest barrier is level 500 or Love. Love in this context is to understand. It’s a way of being in our world. Level of love is so difficult to achieve because ego is rooted in the physical domain as opposed to the spiritual domain which emerges at 500. 
Only 4% of the world’s population calibrate in the 500’s. It shows a shift from the linear, provable domain to the nonlinear, formless, spiritual realm. 
The Various Levels of Consciousness
Shame: Below 30- This level of consciousness has the primary emotion of humiliation. Most thoughts of death are found here. Often times those who suffer from sexual abuse are often found here. 
Guilt: 30-50- Next is guilt. When someone is stuck here, feelings of worthlessness and an inability to forgive oneself are common. 
Apathy: 50-75- This is the level of hopelessness and despair, this is the common consciousness found among those who are homeless or living in poverty. At this level, one has surrendered to their current situation and feels numb to life around them. 
Grief: 75-100 With this as your primary level of consciousness, you live a life of constant regret and remorse. At this level you feel all your opportunities have passed you by. You ultimately feel you are a failure. 
Fear: 100-125- People living under dictatorship rule or those involved in an abusive relationship find themselves at this level. At this level people feel a sense of paranoia thinking everyone is out to get them. Both suspicion and defensiveness are common here. 
Desire: 125-150 This is a major motivating force for much of our society. Although desire can be an impetus for change, the downside is that it leads to enslavement to ones appetites. At this level, addiction to such things as sex, money, prestige or power. 
Angry: 150-175 - As a person moves out of Apathy to Grief and then out of Fear, they begin to want. Desire which is not fulfilled leads to frustration which brings us to Anger. Anger can cause us to move out of this level or keep us here. 
Pride: 175-200- According to Hawkins, majority of people are below this point and this is the level that most people aspire to. This level of consciousness makes up a good deal of Hollywood. Compared to shame and guilt, one begins to feel positive here but it is a false positive. It’s dependent on external conditions such as wealth, position or power. It is also the source of racism, nationalism and religious fanaticism. 
Courage: 200- 250- This is the level of empowerment. It’s the first level where you are not taking life energy from those around you. Courage is where you start to see that you don’t need to be tossed to and fro by your external conditions. This level of empowerment leads you to realize that you are in charge of your own growth and success. This is where you realize there is a gap between stimulus and response and you have the potential to choose how you respond. 
Neutrality: 250 - 300- This is the level of well-being. People at this level are no longer attached to a particular outcome or expectation. They are comfortable and undisturbed emotionally. 
Willingness: 310- 340- This is the level were you are an optimists. You see life as one big opportunity and are willing to develop self-discipline, and willpower to stick to a task to the end. At this level you start to understand the importance of your work, take control and become proactive. 
 Acceptance: 350-400- At this level you realize you are the source of life experience and the creator of them. Here you ready to take action and proactively take control of your life. 
Reason: 400- 500- This is the level where science, medicine and knowledge exist. At this level you are less interested in wasting time on pointless activities and seek to have tunnel vision towards gaining knowledge and learning more about your world. 
Love: 500-540- At the level of love you start to live by intuition. You begin to see yourself a potential aid for the greater good of all mankind. This kind of love is a selfless love, where you care about the welfare of the collective, starting with the people around you. Dr. David Hawkins says only about 0.4 people get to this level. This includes people like Ghandi and Mother Theresa. 
Joy: 540- 600- This is the level of consciousness for saints and advanced spiritual people. At this level people are not shaken by world events and have the ability to inspire and uplift all the people that come into contact with them. At this level you experience complete happiness and are at the complete will of Divinity, the soul within. 
Peace: 600-700- The level of peace is when you have completely surrendered to the creator. It is where you have learned to transcend the other states of consciousness and have entered what David Hawkins calls Illumination. Achieving this state of consciousness is extremely rare. It is estimated only 1 in 10 million people will be able to reach this level. 
Enlightenment:700- 1000- This is the level of pure consciousness. It is the level where someone has become God-like with abilities to influence all of man-kind. 
It is important to note that we can be at varying levels of consciousness for each thought we have. As you rewire your mind with the increase in level of consciousness you will be able to become aware of unconsciousness behaviors and change them at the level of thought over time. 

The Ph Chart

The Ph Chart is a sheet that can can help you see if the food you are eating is acidic or alkaline. Eating acidic foods overtime will create an internal climate for disease while consuming alkaline foods for a period of time will help clean the body out and create a healthy inner climate. 

Looking at the ph chart, most alkaline foods compromised of mostly fruits and vegetables have a ph balance above 7. 
Blood, which kept at a constant by the human body is neutral, with a ph level of 7. 
And acidic foods have a ph balance below 7. 
A great goal to clean up your diet and start feeling healthier is to honor the 80/20 rule. Eating 80% alkaline and moderately indulging in acidic food 20% of the time, depending on where you are in your current health lifestyle, can help you increase your energy levels and remove toxins from the body. 
You always have the choice for your desired food intake but we aim to provide this information as a guide for total wellness and enhanced energy levels that are sustainable. 

Why Alkaline Foods Contain Mostly Plants
Alkaline foods are comprise of mostly plants because they are most chemically aligned with our body. 

Chemical Composition of Humans and Plants

The human body’s chemical make up is 96.2% hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen and carbon. A plant’s chemical make up is 99% hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen and carbon. When we consume a diet comprised of mostly plants, we are eating in a way that supports our bodies original chemical make up and thus unlocking the ability to go from a body that creates disease to a body that stabilizes it’s life force energy and can manage it’s own energy levels on a physical level. The level of consciousness, level 200, where we have courage can also be influenced by this diet. To be able to better manage your energy and not be susceptible to disease or attracting toxins, a plant-based diet is a great start, physically.  

The Seven Chakras

The seven chakras are energy vortexes within the human body. The chakras can act as our spiritual bloodline that allow us to better manage our energy and maintain hormonal balance. 
Most people don’t go past opening the root chakra and end up staying in survival mode. In this paper, we will discuss the importance of each chakra and how you can open them and maintain them overtime. 

The seven chakras are: 

  1. Root 
  2. Sacral 
  3. Solar Plexus 
  4. Heart 
  5. Throat
  6. Third Eye
  7. Crown 

The root chakra is the first of the lower chakras, this chakra represents how safe and secure you feel. If this chakra is out of harmony, you form an inability to trust nature. You may feel ungrounded, disconnected from Mother Earth, or not secure that your basic and primal needs are being met, like food, shelter, clothing, and water. When this chakra is unbalanced, you function out of fear and feel unsafe. 
When this chakra is in harmony, we are connected to nature, feel grounded, and are able to go with the flow of life. We approach life from a place of understanding that we will always be protected, connected to our higher consciousness and family. We start to feel safe. 

The sacral chakra is located above the root chakra. This chakra is connected with sexual and reproductive activities, emotions, and creativity. When this chakra is out of harmony we face difficulty expressing our feelings (or numb them), we are out of touch with pleasure and hold unprocessed anger. Creativity is stifled here and we feel resentful for not being able to bring our ideas to life. We may have relationship issues, reproductive issues, or feel unstable or unhealthy around aspects of our sexuality. We can also experience feelings of shame, issues around money, and abundance and misplace the importance of material goods or not owning our abundance at all. 

When the sacral chakra is in harmony we are in flow with our creative expression, in touch with pleasure, and able to share our feelings in a healthy way. We find ourselves able to create and maintain healthy relationships, connected to the emotional aspects of sexuality, and are at peace with our abundance. We may also be in touch with our clairsentience- the gift of taking in intuitive information through feeling (energy). We also have a healthy relationship with money and easily are able to create abundance in our lives in balanced ways. 
The solar plexus chakra is located right above the sacral chakra. This chakra corresponds with our personality, self-esteem, and sense of self-worth. According to Margarita Alcantara, “When this chakra is out of balance we have a need to dominate and control, we have a great need for prestige and keeping up appearances, and we function through the world with deep feelings of inadequacy.” With this chakra out of balance, we do not love ourselves and may even manifest self-hatred. We might find ourselves giving our power away to others, which in turn leaves us with no sense of self. 
When the solar plexus chakra is in harmony, we feel whole, we are centered in who we are and cultivate our personal power as we are in touch with our inner warrior. We have a balance between material and spiritual worlds allowing us to develop a tolerance and acceptance of ourselves and others. We feel peaceful and calm. 
The heart chakra is the chakra that connects us to both the physical and spiritual world. With the heart being at a pivotal location of the body, it is also how we get in touch with our higher self and the Universe. When the heart chakra is disconnected, we have difficulty giving love from a genuine place and do not feel deserving of receiving love. We feel out of touch with who we are and develop depression from a lack of connection with self. 
When the heart chakra is in harmony, we are fully connected to ourselves, we know how to cultivate joy easily and love and accept ourselves and others. We are able to give and receive love genuinely and cultivate compassion for ourselves and others. 
The throat chakra is connected to our true/authentic voice, where faith and understanding combine. When this chakra is out of harmony we have difficulty expressing ourselves, feel silenced and judged for what we say, feel out of alignment with who we are, and feel out of touch with our will to live. When this chakra is in harmony, our will to live is strong and we are able to follow our dreams. We find that we are able to speak our truth, say what we mean, and mean what we say. We find a balance between silence and speech. 
The third-eye chakra is associated with our sixth-sense. This chakra is the center of our wisdom, spiritual insight, and intuition. When the third-eye chakra is out of harmony, we focus on our intellect only and reject all spiritual aspects of ourselves. We are only able to see the physical reality of life and carry a lot of fear regarding our inner wisdom. When this chakra is in harmony,  we invite our intuition and awareness into everyday aspects of life. We trust our inner vision and act upon what our intuition tells us. We start to have a deep knowing beyond what we can see physically and are in touch with our clairvoyance, the gift of taking in information through sight and vision. 
The last of the spiritual chakras is the crown chakra which is the source of our connection to the divine and our higher selves. When this chakra is out of harmony we feel disconnected from source, consciousness, and all that is. We may even have anger towards God. We find we have difficulty in trusting our path and our lives in general. With this imbalance, we feel depressed, alone, unsatisfied with life, and unable to let go of anxiety and fear. When the crown chakra is in harmony we live in harmony with everything. We understand that our individuality goes beyond the physical form. We are better able to elevate our levels of consciousness. 
Looking at these charts, we see a common theme where they follow the visible light spectrum. 

The Visible Light Spectrum

The Visible Light Spectrum
The visible light spectrum is the part of the electromagnetic waves that shape our reality. If we can harness our energy to eat a more alkaline diet, open and balance our chakras and raise our level of consciousness, we will be able to have more natural energy and thus be more of who we are meant to be. 

With this information we hope to provide you with the tools to form a self-analysis and create new habits and behaviors that enable you to raise your level of consciousness.

The Daily Human Energy Assessment Self-Analysis

Conducting a self analysis with the daily human energy assessmnet can start with answering these 3 questions: 

  1. What is my predominant emotion when under pressure? This helps you identify your dominant level of consciousness and gain insight on what your triggers are going forward. 
  2. Where do your food choices lie on the ph Chart for the last 3 days? 
  3. Which chakras are currently out of balance?   

By asking yourself these three questions, you can now see which level of consciousness you maintain and work towards scaling upwards. 


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