The Link Between Our Soul and the Speed of Light

Biophotons, consciousness and the will to fulfill your purpose.

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We have so much research on light, the speed of light and the visible light spectrum but the conversation around the light we possess as a human is often separated.

The Link Between our Soul and Light is Expanding our Consciousness

The link between our soul and speed of light is surrendering. The more light, scientifically measured as biophotons in the human body, we can activate within us for ultimate peace, happiness, fulfillment and love the more our soul shines through. Higher levels of human consciousness, known as peace, joy, love and enlightenment are the missing link. Every living being possess biophotons which emit from our cells. Photons are known as a particle representing a quantum of light or electromagnetic radiation. Biophotons are a squeezed condensed version that we all carry and can activate to use as a source of energy, aka information. When we listen to our soul’s purpose, written in our DNA, both physically and non-physically, we allow more light to penetrate the Earth at a faster rate.

A Spiritual Being Having a Human Experience

You know that phrase you are a spiritual being having a human experience? We can double this as you are light in physical form. Most people don’t follow their light or step into their full potential because of accumulated toxicity, physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally. Toxic accumulation slows down the speed at which we can use our light. So while we are harnessing the speed of light for space travel, we aren’t putting enough emphasis on increasing the speed at which we work with our light, biologically. When a person dies, they are without consciousness, without light.

Top Reasons Aging Exist

According to the genetic research at the University of Utah, some pivotal factors in aging are:

  • Telomere Shortening- which means the instructions our cells carry to heal and replace damaged parts of the body start to run out
  • Chronological age- risk factors increase over time
  • Oxidative stress- oxidants damage DNA, proteins and lipids (please note the picture below shows a sun but the sun doesn’t cause the human body damage. The sun is the reason we exist; toxic accumulation and the lower frequencies we embody cause us to reject the high pure frequency that is the sun.)
  • Glycation- this is when glucose binds to the building blocks of our body cause disruption to its natural body order
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It appears all these reasons that contribute to aging and death are forms of physical matter that allow less light to flow through the body. And this doesn’t even account for the negative energy we accumulate when certain thoughts radiate at a level of consciousness or emotion such as greed, jealousy, shame, fear and anything less than love. If you want to dive deeper into how to manage your emotions and levels of consciousness, check out this system called the Color-Coded Human that puts the science behind our spiritual energetic existence.

It seems all these reasons that contribute to aging and death are forms of physical matter that allow less light to flow through the body.

I believe in God, the ultimate creator at super-meta-many-universes-level. I think our solar system, predicated on one single form of energy, the electromagnetic spectrum, is like a training grounds of sorts for us to evolve into something greater. Having gone from religion to religion, spirituality to science, to eventually surrender and put full faith in the Universe…at scale, this belief has made the most sense. I feel we need to think bigger to fully understand our reality. And as Thich Nhat Hanh said in his many writings, to understand is to love.

Now, here we are at the phase of our collective existence where we are having conversations about quantum computers and the speed of light, but we aren’t publicly bridging the fact that harnessing the speed of light also can be applied to human behavior and individual choices.

Light is Accessible and Free

Light is both accessible and free. We can harness the ability to take the path less traveled, trust our intuition, be in good health and make space for our soul to guide us.

Reviewing What the Human Soul Is

Let’s review what it means to have a human soul. Adopting Elon Musk’s amazing first-principles thinking system, if you read any of my articles, it will almost always include basic definitions for words that we commonly use because these definitions can help us reshape our thoughts of the original word without the game of telephone that happens when the word is used overtime.

The human soul, according to the New Oxford American Dictionary is “the spiritual or immaterial part of a human being or animal, regarded as immortal; it is the emotional or intellectual energy or intensity.”

Two principle powers of the soul are to know and to will. Tim Staples at says “ it is because it is the entire man that comes to “know” or to “love” (love being the highest purpose of the will) not just part of him. This would seem to indicate that the same “unifying and vivifying principle” that explains man’s life, would also explain his power to know and too will.”

When we know the true nature of our reality, have the willpower to own our truth and spend part or all of our life fulfilling our purpose, we are working with soul, we are working with our light.

Self-Imposed Limits Equal Limiting Light’s Potential

We now realize radiating at the consciousness level of love, to work with our soul’s purpose and having the will to change the world lets us achieve fulfillment, peace and happiness, so why do we have limitations at all?

Looking at the levels of consciousness created by Dr. David Hawkins, we see that there are varying levels of consciousness and for good reason. Humans had to learn the power of their potential overtime. We had to transcend from force to power at the level of thought.

In the book Transcending the Levels of Human Consciousness, Hawkins says “In its earliest forms, the animal expressions of life were very primitive and did not have innate, inner source of energy. Survival therefore depended one acquiring energy externally. This was not a problem in the plant kingdom where chlorophyll automatically transforms solar energy into necessary chemical processes. Animal life had to acquire what was needed from its environment, and that principle, then established the main core of the ego, which is still primarily involved in self-interest, acquisition, conquering and rivalry with other organisms for survival. Importantly, however it also had the characteristics of curiosity, searching and therefore learning.”

Caveman weren’t trying to figure out how to get to Mars, they just wanted to find some dinner. It took time for us to develop intellect, to evolve to the the type of human that can open their laptop and think “How can I best explain the connection between our soul and the speed of light” and then spend effort and time finding research for this intuitive insight.

The year 2020 has been rough but its still such a good time to be alive, at least from an evolutionary standpoint, if you can find the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual space to focus on following your light. Focus on what makes you happy.


Wrapping this all together, in the book Transcending Levels of Consciousness, Hawkins shows that the higher the level of consciousness the higher your level of happiness is. Essentially most humans seek to be happy as a life goal. Happy feels good. So if a higher level of consciousness equals happiness, and a higher level of consciousness is correlated to having the will to live in purpose, the ability to own our power, own our light, achieving the maximum of speed of light our biological bodies can possess requires us to acknowledge, accept and fulfill our soul’s purpose.

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Transcending Levels of Consciousness Rate of Happiness Chart

Let us imagine for a second, a world where everyone is following their soul’s purpose. With no two people having the same DNA, and DNA housing genes that carry orders and information, imagine the potential creativity and happiness at play! The potential of this world feels my heart with joy.

How happy are you when your friend starts that project she always wanted and then it blooms into a company that the world needs? That’s soul right there.

This whole world exist because of light and we are focusing on harnessing light to go beyond the constraints of time, travel further into our galaxy, but let’s also remember we have the light within us, we just need to change our thoughts, that change our behavior and subsequently raise our level of consciousness to let more light in.


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