Vitamin D From the Sun Will Help Us Do More Than Boost Our Immune System


About 5 years ago I started spending a lot more time in the sun because it felt like heaven on Earth. Shortly after eating a more plant-based diet and deciding to live a holistic all-natural lifestyle, the few moments I got in the sun would feel like a breath of fresh air. In light of the global wellness push, let’s discussed the notion of solar-powered humans as this will help cure a lot of disease, mental health issues, and likely be the key to reversing aging. 

As a child, with a high meat diet, I was prescribed sunglasses to stop getting sun headaches. After switching my diet to a plant-based lifestyle and intuitively craving more time in the sun, I started having perfect health readings at the doctor. There would be moments where I would catch a glimpse of the sun through the window, glance at the sun when on a walk, and just stare in the sun’s direction when driving around with friends and family. I found this group of people, called sungazers, that would stare directly at the sun. It was so odd to me at first given my previous “sun headaches” but it felt like a spiritual upgrade with each glance. Now at the age of 28, I look at the sun, spend more time in the sun whenever possible and feel like a completely recharged human, on a soul level every time. 

With a sun that enables us to live on planet Earth and the single reason our whole solar system exists, perhaps it’s time we start looking at the sun as more than Vitamin D. 

Solar Powered Cars and Solar Powered Humans 

Tesla cars are rising and the desire to be in nature and get more sun exposure is becoming a matter of global attention. For a while, I referred to myself as a solar-powered human and after spending time at places like NASA, following the solar-powered movement and speaking my truth more it’s becoming clear to see that we are all co-creating a safer world externally and internally. 

I wasn’t able to find data on the improved health of Tesla car owners (and I don’t own one yet, soon though!) but based on the health data and my personal experience I’m sure cars and homes powered by sunlight will increase the lifespan and health of the owner. 

Think about the desire to go on vacation and experience sunlight with that Bahama mama in your hand or you’re ideal beach day. Perhaps it’s time we move from focusing on sun exposure as a luxury and make sun exposure, even in colder climates, a daily requirement. 

Vitamin D from Sun Vs. Vitamin D from Foods 

Vitamin D from the Sun is the best because it’s the primary source. When the sun isn’t readily available we can always rely on healthy food intake to provide vitamin D. The rule of thumb for a healthy life, according to Alkaline Life Diet is 80% alkaline and 20% acidic. Sunlight is a direct source of food for fruits and vegetables making that the best secondary source. The third source, which we are slowly moving away from, animals, have vitamin D and Calcium but they are synthesized for their body type so when ingesting this meat, our body has to do double the work to break it down. 

Eating foods like dairy and meat are generally favored because they require more work to digest so you expend a lot of energy processing this food and create a numb-like effect on the emotions and stress you face. As with any lifestyle adjustment, whether it’s going back to the primary source or learning to share your truth, the toxins will come to the surface and needs to be processed for maximum absorption. I believe the equilibrium in their overall energy (counteracting stored toxins) that people feel when eating meat is the main reason for eating dense, hard to digest foods. But with knowledge and a global situation like the one we are facing, it is possible to start transitioning to more pure sources of vitamin D and calcium. We can transition to be solar-powered humans. 

Top Plant-Based Foods That Transfer High Amounts of Sunlight Into Our Body 

A few of my favorite sunshine (vitamin D) sources are sunlight, mushrooms, and kale. Pictured below are plant-based sources you can start to implement in your diet today.

Vitamin D Sources

Source: Oldways Cultural Food Traditions


Sunlight is the key to ultimate healing, beyond the immune system. The human body has 11 body systems and increasing your sunlight exposure, or natural vitamin D intake will aid your holistic health and help you feel your best. As we put a deeper focus on holistic health and hopefully have the pandemic end soon, please consider your food intake. 

P.S. - I make it a point to get some sunlight, even when on a farm in 27-degree weather and let it fill up my cells until I feel warm and high energy all over. My immune system is at full health and my energy has realigned after the massive disruption to workflow from recent world changes. If you are interested in learning more about sungazing, check out this website from a well-known sungazer (who has also been part of 411-day clinical studies for solar energy research) to get started on absorbing the sun differently. 

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