What is the Peace Mist and How Does It Aid Detoxification?


Our first product here at the Internal Wheel is a peace mist body spray and we want to fully explain why this mixture of ingredients is a great addition to your home and workspace.

The Root of Us Being Toxic

Before we get into the peace mist ingredients, we would like to get into the root of toxicity. Toxicity, also known as the acidity stored inside the human body, is a long-term accumulation of chemicals that are harmful to the body. Acid can be accumulated in many ways, most common being through food, general consumption of complex foreign chemicals through the skin, emotions that never got resolved, negative thoughts, being programmed by the environment, lack of self-care, constantly being in a survival mode and more. As Nikola Tesla said in his essay named ‘The Problem of Increasing Human Energy’, the three fundamentals of a disorder can be traced back to food, work, and peace. Our body continuously undergoes a series of chemical reactions when we are lazy, resisting the path to peace, consuming materials extremely altered from the Earth’s natural elements.

It's Time to Get Past Survival Mode

In current times, we stopped searching for meaning. As a mass culture and we simply focus on work, eat, sleep, relax and repeat. The deeper questions like what we are made of, what are cells or DNA, or why we exist get left out.  Answers to these questions have provided very good theory so far, but the extent of research has only gone as far as proving that everything is energy and humans are here to take action. With energy stemming from the Sun that powers the Earth, everything also has a frequency and an alkalinity level. Frequency is the speed of energy passing through or existing in a person, place or thing, like a crystal, a veggie burger or a human. Alkaline meaning the damaging effects of acids become neutral and heal the body. Acidic meaning stored toxins that interfere with the body’s ability to run as intended. We are briefly touching upon frequency, alkalinity, acidity and ph levels in this article for the sake of explaining the product, but if you want to understand those terms more in-depth, stay tuned for our next blog post.

How The Mist Ingredients Help Us Become Alkaline

Crystals, specifically the moonstone and lapis lazuli crystal chips at the bottom of our mist, are naturally formed elements from the Earth with high frequency and clean energy. The energy radiating from these crystals, which has little interference with the toxic world like humans do, will enhance your mood, energy, and feelings. Coming in contact with crystals is both scientifically and spiritually proven to enhance your mood. Risha Joshi, at www.awaken.com,  references a research study done in the University of Southampton U.K. recording the vast quantity of data stored in synthetic crystals. All this data is stored energy with a high frequency, higher than the average human in 2018. Just like how we receive ideas and thoughts through electromagnetic waves transferring to our brain, the crystals have the ability to store data for years on end; more years than the average human lifespan.

Find More Human Energy After Every Spray

Having a high frequency and using alkaline products helps to purify, detox and cleanse the human body so we can reach our full potential. With crystals purifying us during each interaction, the alkaline water with a ph level of 7.5 cleansing our skin (which is made of 60% or more water), the pink Himalayan salt in the product balancing our chemical composure and lavender oil providing the calm relax state of being, this product will enhance your energy, mood, and alkalinity instantly. In these moments of peace, you can refocus and readjust to find a maintainable state of peace. 

This Is The First Healing Product of Many from Internal Wheel

This product is the first of many products to be released. We understand that this may fall far on the spiritual category for some, because of the current trends happening, but we wish to enlighten you on healing aspects Earth elements, with the laws of energy and a perspective looking beyond what you have been programmed to think. This product is more chemically suited to your body than many on the market. Whilst we love the health and beauty shelf, we also know unnatural chemicals ingested through our skin take a toll on total health. 

If this is your first time interacting with crystals or hearing about this type of thing, we urge you to try it out and see how it makes you feel. If it doesn’t work for you, you will at least have formed an opinion after giving experiencing the product first hand. You can find us at Water Bar New York and local events in NYC to chat with the team and try the product before your purchase.

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