Why Internal Wheel Was Created

Post business school, I had a brief period of disorder, mentally, which turned into a spiritual awakening.

I started questioning everything, which made me fearful temporarily until I was able to see the patterns and the flow of the Universe. The change from the physical world and a heavy integration of the digital world was taxing. It took some understanding to adjust to the increased efficiency it brought for global connection; rather than the secluded, individualistic nature we once had. It was scary, to say the least.

Then I realize, the goal of human life is to be connected.

If everything is energy, we are already connected but in silos, giving us a false sense of privacy. I started working with the Universe, playing a bigger game than the one we all see. From leading my actions with intention, DNA Activation and introducing fasting as a daily practice, the Universal energy, digital age, and connection became my reason to probe further, not retreat in comfort. In a data-driven, hyper-connected world, the transition from a shy, private life to twenty-four seven connection, constant adjusting both internally and externally, cannot be done alone.

Combining science and spirituality, the flow of energy makes it so much bigger than our eyes can see, it unites us.

Now we have Internal Wheel, where we will provide perspective combining science and spirituality to help you overcome the resistance you feel internally. In the coming weeks, you can expect content geared to solutions for your physical, emotional and mental ailments, products that help you return to alkalinity and a community of people that want to reach their full human potential.

I hope you join me on this ride and we reach our full potential before the transition to multi-planetary living.

Thank you,



Check out Internal Wheel for a new perspective on life. We will be releasing crystal mist and how to manuals shortly.

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