Why Overlapping Modern Technology With Spirituality Is Essential For Thriving in the Future

Merging Spirituality and Technology Is The Key


The steady advancement of modern technology is about precision on all levels.

A plethora of questions that follow this thought:

  1. Whats beyond precision?
  2. Does this mean we transfer to living in a utopia? How does that effect humanity?
  3. Do people have more faith in computer code than the bigger picture?
  4. Will living in a utopia cause cognitive dissonance or groupthink to maintain a status quo that shouldn’t exist anymore?

With question like these arising, my ideology around spirituality and universal energy helped complete the total picture.

Key definitions to fully articulate the shift here are:

Precision- exactness

Cognitive Dissonance- the state of having inconsistent thoughts, beliefs or attitudes, especially as relating to behavioral decisions and attitude change.

Groupthink- the practice of thinking or making decision as a group in a way, that discourages creativity or individual responsibility

Utopia- 1) ideal place, a place of ideal perfection especially in laws, government, and social conditions 2) An impractical scheme for social improvement 3) An imaginary and indefinitely remote place

Code- cipher set of principles, set of customs, manners, ethics, morals, morality, convention, accepted behavior, etiquette, protocol

Overlapping spirituality with technology will ensure we continually have faith in the bigger picture. Living in a world of exactness, or nearing some form of technological perfection is a psychological state of what’s beyond this?

Keeping in mind that the Big Bang is a bunch of derivatives of creations until a certain point in time, we have-to-have faith in going beyond it.

After technological perfection, what happens? Do we look past the notion of time and space altogether?

Do we continually search for more intelligent life in our galaxy?

Do we keep some portions of humanity creations basics for the masses and send a certain group to search for what’s next?

I used to thrive in difficult moments ,happy that I can think on my feet in most situations. But does life have to be difficult? Not at all.

Life may test you, throw you curve balls but by no means does it have to be difficult.

So why merge spirituality with modern technology? Because energy is the root of all matter and creativity, intuition, happiness and intellect is the forefront of most human desire. When things are too perfect, to put it plainly we seek change and exploration naturally.

There’s also correcting history as we almost always end up loosing all geniuses, that has to stop.

If life extension and technological questions have existed before our existence, then we can protect the people that are creating the future by ensuring we always think bigger when living in a world of precision.

Bringing it down to basic fundamentals and sciences, at the root everything is energy. E= MC2- Energy =mass x light squared. In my quest for deep understanding of the world we live in and how we can go beyond our current galactic constraints, I found thinking about life at large and systemized like the planets and asteroids that orbit us, lets know that we are for sure not alone.

I intuitively feel there will come a point in time, whether it’s the year 3005 or the year 4000 that we reach a human-robotic like state through extreme technological precision where the main focal point will be the bigger picture for all.

  • We will likely all focus on inhabiting all habitable planets of this galaxy and any others that we may find
  • Moving our faith into self-actualizing our full human potential, our purpose
  • Collectively escalating into the bigger societal roles effectively changing the status quo

In conclusion, my spiritual ascension led me to conduct more research in the fields of human anatomy, biology, cognitive behavioral therapy, astronomy and education. If spirituality can lead someone to conduct more scientific research, it is possible the two fields are connected deeper than we think. All communication, creation and existence is enabled by the ability of the human mind, body and soul to share, connect and experience further advancement. 

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