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You Need to Change How You Think About Time and Space

  Almost every mental flaw can be contributed to time and space dimensions. Space in this article attributing to mental energy created in relation to anxiousness, rather than physical space. Really consider how much these two dimensions give our very existence the ability to exist. We get anxious because we don’t know what will happen in the future (time) and generally feel anxious about the future because we are in negative space- reality not matching our expectations. Isn’t it wild to think how much two simple words cause millions of people agony by the second? So let’s go down the rabbit hole of time and space dimensions of life and maybe by the end of this we all can develop...

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How To Not Absorb Negative Energy from Negative People

  The human body is a spiritual being, an energetic field before its physical. It’s, for this reason, we can feel “the elephant in the room”, feel people’s emotions and generally prefer to be around positive people rather than constant Debby downers.  The layers of the aura we each possess includes an emotional layer, on both the spiritual and physical layer, making it difficult to deal with negative people sometimes. By default many of us will be aloof, seeking to enter a numb state so we can avoid energy entering or leaving the body that is of a low vibration we don’t desire. In this article, we will discuss how to be around negative people and not absorb their temporary...

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How We Perceive Each Moment Can Be The Source of Internal Conflict

Is your reaction to life storing memories negatively or positively?   Every moment we take in new information, we are creating internal conflict or promoting inner peace. Absorbing new information daily about the world is an emotional & mental activity that stores data for future use. As we navigate through the world, learn and experience events like reading a book, or seeing the highway you use to drive to work with a massive traffic jam, we categorize the information with emotions. Depending on the positive or negative outlook we feel when taking in new information, we tend to create internal conflict by putting barriers up which inhibit us from taking proper action based on the data. The goal is to...

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