Jasmine Torok

Jasmine Torok Sitting at Desk“Now more than ever we are moving into a world where energy, our aura will become the new measure of health." 

  Jasmine Torok, founder of Internal Wheel is a New York native with a mission to help make self-healing the new normal. Post business school, when she lost her mind and started to see the world in a new way, she rediscovered her spirituality and started to follow her light. Through this and inspiration from the world around her, she realized we can increase our energy levels naturally by combining our understanding of science and spirit. 
After deciding to not use traditional medicine in 2016, but having the courage treat this health impairment as an obstacle to grow through, rather than a condition she would have to live with, she learned how to heal her body mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically through a intuitive guided practice now known as the Daily Energy Assessment System. 
Through 5 years of intuitive guidance that brought her from a traditional standard American diet to a whole food plant based lifestyle and continually seeking higher levels of consciousness in every aspect of her being, she is now sharing this gift with the world. While this system came to her intuitively, through spirit, she felt for this to be fully accepted by the mass consciousness bridging this guidance with science, public proof beyond her own healing and physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health will help the contribute to putting health back in the hands of the individual. 
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