Frequently Asked Questions 

Peace Mist Questions

1. My cover is stuck, how do I fix it?

a) Shake well before each use. Our product has natural separation between the essential oil, crystals and water. Although the oil generally floats to the top, some cases may vary.  

b) Unscrew the cover, lift it up slightly and screw it back on. Depending on the temperature of your space, gas could be trapped in the bottle (like the air in a chips bag). 

c) Twist the top nozzle off and replace. 

d) If none of the options above work, email us at internalwheel@gmail.com and we will work with you to replace the cover. 

2. The bottle broke during shipping. Can I get a new one? 

Yes!  Email internalwheel@gmail.com, with a picture of the broken bottle, and we will mail you a new one as soon as possible. This problem happens for the first version of the peace mist. Version 2 of the peace mist is a safe plastic version suited for travel. 

3. I'm in love with the product, can I buy wholesale?

Yes! We have wholesale options available. Email internalwheel@gmail.com and we will send you a special code for your purchase. 

4. What are crystals for and how do they help detoxify our space?

Crystals are natural Earth elements containing high frequency energy that purifies the our planet. They are made of silicon and oxygen which forms 80% of the Earth's crust. The human frequency, especially when stressed or sick, is lower than that of a crystal. The high energy frequency contained in crystals, dating back many centuries, has the ability to draw out toxins and helps us feel better. 

5. What does essential oil do for the body?

Essential oil is a compound extract of plants that aid our healing. Plants are known for their healing properties as their elemental structure aids ours. Compressing the plant nutrients into an oil allows for maximum absorption in liquid form. 

6. What is the difference between alkaline water and regular water?

Normal water sits at 7.365 PH level (potential for hydrogen) which is neutral in the human body. When we discuss acid, neutral and alkaline water, we are discussing water that contributes to a sick environment by holding toxins, water that has no effect and water that draws out toxins. Alkaline water is above neutral allowing us to release toxins when in contact. 

With the human body being 65% water, using our crystal mist with alkaline water will detoxify your skin, your environment and your mind. 

7. What is pink Himalayan salt good for?

Pink Himalayan salt has over 80 trace minerals, effectively drawing toxins out of the body. Bathing in pink Himalayan salt, spraying small amounts in your area, and having Pink Himalayan salt in your space will help you detox and de-stress. 

8. What do I use the peace mist for?

Our peace mist can be used to detoxify your space, your body and your mind. Common uses are in the morning after a shower, when you need a refresher at work, before working out, when you need a break from a stressful moment, refocusing and setting your makeup.

Our mist is used by both men and women for detoxifying daily. 

Email internalwheel@gmail.com if you have any questions, concerns or comments.