The Reason Internal Wheel Exists

How We Began Graphic

Hi there, 

My name is Jasmine and I am the founder of Internal Wheel where we help you turn your problems into solutions with spiritual insight and scientific understanding. 

But this service wasn’t always like this, so let’s start from the beginning. 

In 2014, when I graduated from business school, I instantly suffered from severe depression. 

But let’s start even earlier than that. 

At the age of 7, I had scarlet fever without the fever. My doctor told me to skip two months of kindergarten and stay home for two months until my body decided to stop shedding skin and hair profusely. I looked at both the doctor and my mom and still said, I’d rather go to school. I got called a lobster everyday but I still showed up to class. What was I going to do at home? We didn’t have the internet yet and I was 7. 

Fast forwarding to my mental health issues after graduating from business school in 2014 when I was prescribed depression medication (told I would need it to be dependent on the pills forever), and you can probably guess what happened next, after my 2 week supply I decided to not get a refill. I do not recommend this to everyone. I feel my life prepared me to take this risk as I had self-healed with full trust in the Universe/God/Source/Creator about 3-4 times before from bodily ailments at the age of 7, 9, 16 and lingering effects until 2014. Medication has its place (and is sometimes a necessary buffer until you gain more intelligence of self and the human body’s inner workings)  but I feel my life path since childhood was to learn how to self-heal so I can create Internal Wheel, LLC. 

Seeing how to work with my body to overcome these impairments, it became a matter of thinking about the body as a whole rather than it's parts. 

Mental health issues, skin issues, heart issues, eye issues, these were all regions in my body, so how do I fix the human as one cohesive unit? By fixing the climate itself. This became my life focus. Slowly replacing the acidic foods, the medication and the fear for a deep intuitive understanding. 

Praying more. 

Reading more. 

Understanding and intuitively understanding more, internally. 

Asking the energy of the universal consciousness to guide my path and pull me out of this dark night of the soul (physical, mental, spiritual and emotional descent to emerge as something greater than before) with the most willpower and resilience I could ever imagine. 

This new superpower transformed into building a world of resources that help you, the reader, stay motivated to be proactive about your health rather than always on the defense. It’s the age of information and we all deserve access to the best information in real-time. The old way of addressing health is leaving our reality and I feel I was unlocked late 2014 to early 2015 for helping the wellness movement in 2020 and beyond. 

So I started my healing journey by compiling research to heal and eventually organized it in a self-published book called How To Work Through Difficult Moments (revised version is on the way). This served as a how-to guide to bring work through inner resistance using modalities from several psychologists, spiritual guides, behavioral change makers and my experience from a new level of consciousness. 

Shortly after I started experimenting with my food relationship as food is a direct link to the gut. The longer your food takes to digest the bigger the buffer for real time understanding. As everything starts out in the non-physical energetic realm first, I had intuitively felt called to eat lighter and spend more time fixing my mind and emotions rather than eating dense, numbing foods. Whichever food lifestyle you have right now is likely the right one for you, as there is no good or bad when you are in a place of healing but if you feel called to eat healthier and lighter, your body is trying to move the inner resistance and stored pain out quicker and it will make the suffering to understanding process easier to integrate. I started eating pescatarian, vegetarian, vegan, raw vegan and then found a happy medium between no meat or dairy, just whole food plant based. 

Through all this, resilience and willpower energy built up inside of me, I felt reborn. My fears were circumvented in taking personal control of my holistic health; mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. 

This solution first transitioned into whole food plant based classes at local juice shops, a nutrition workshop at WeWork and cool meetups in New York, Texas and Queens. 

And then another shift happened.

I realized we can integrate complete understanding of the spiritual world and the scientific world then we can collectively start being superhuman. 

If we can eat cleaner, heal our body through willpower and dedication we can certainly move towards preventive health measures as a new baseline for human healing. 

While I current am testing out a blend of whole food plant based with a light meat intake again, I am safely able to integrate Whole Foods as a primary source of my dietary lifestyle.

We live in this world of information, between being able to find any infographic explaining the benefits of every food on Pinterest or being able to buy self-help books for almost any personal development goal, we can move into our superhuman self as a collective.  

Yuval Noah Harrari, in his book Sapiens, spoke about the next level of humans being superhuman as technology advances faster than ever.  

The common goal between both the technological community and the spiritual community is expanding our consciousness. It's pushing the thread of what we know, what we know we don’t know and what we don’t know we don’t know. 

And by taking the time to learn as well as be held accountable by your innate desire to be better than the person you were yesterday, you start to show up happier, experience less brain fog, less bodily ailments, have a stronger immune system and morph into your highest self. 

We live in a technological world now, with wellness technology and solar powered technology improving at the speed of light. So being able to think with precision and keep a strong faith is essential. In current times we have started focusing on the ability to be immortal, or life extension through biotechnology and extreme lifestyle changes. Focusing on the mind, body and soul is more important than ever now. 

It’s time to evolve past our limitations and fully own our power.