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How I turned my pain into understanding:

Hi there, 

My name is Jasmine and I am the founder of Internal Wheel where we help busy executives improve their daily wellness practice and reach superhuman levels of their holistic self. 

But this service wasn’t always like this, so let’s start from the beginning. 

In 2014, when I graduated from business school, I instantly suffered from severe depression. 

But let’s start even earlier than that. 

At the age of 7 I had scarlet fever without the fever. My hair flew out in clumps and my skin started peeling randomly like gold member in the movie Austin powers (it sucked). 

I also had fast heart palpitations and sun headaches that required me to wear prescription sunglasses every summer.. until I later learned that the Sun is my favorite source of energy. 

And I looked at all of this like, how? How can I be sitting in the world best computer, the human body, and have all these bodily ailments before I even reach adulthood?

My doctor told me to skip two months of kindergarten and stay home for two months until my body decided to stop shedding itself. I looked at both the doctor and my mom and said, I’d rather go to school. I got called a lobster everyday but I still showed up to class. What was I going to do at home? We didn’t have the internet yet and I was 7. 

Fast forwarding to my mental health issues after graduating from business school in 2014 when I was prescribed depression medication (likely to be dependent on forever), and you can probably guess what happened next, after my 2 week supply I decided to not get a refill. I do not recommend this to everyone. I feel my life prepared me to take this risk as I had done it about 3-4 times before from bodily ailments at the age of 7, 9, 16 and lingering effects until 2014. Medication has it's place but I feel my life path was to learn how to self-heal so this was a risk I intuitively decided to take at the time. 

They said people who stop taking this medication usually go off of the deep end and never amount to nothing. And I mentally said, challenge accepted. 

Seeing how to work with my body to overcome these impairments, it became a matter of thinking about the body as a whole rather than it's parts. Mental health issues, skin issues, heart issues, eye issues, these where all regions in my body, so how do I fix the human as one cohesive unit?  By fixing the climate itself. This became my life focus. This turned into building a world of resources that help you also stay motivated to be pro-active about your health rather than always on the defense. The old way of addressing health is leaving our reality and I feel I was unlocked late 2014 to early 2015 for helping the wellness movement in this 2020. 

So I started my healing journey by compiling research to heal and eventually organized it in a self-published book called How to Work Through Difficult Moments. This served as a how-to guide to bring both the readers health and my health to a decent level. 

I also remembered watching this Russell Simmons interview senior year of college where he started eating a plant-based diet and went from smoking, drugs and poor health to finding happiness and starting to find a slice of that inner peace we yearn for. 

So I started experimenting with my diet. I started eating pescatarian, vegetarian and then eventually found a happy medium between no meat, diary, just whole food plant based. 

Through all this, I discovered I built this resilience and willpower that was unmatched. My fear that was circumvented in taking personal control of my health started translating to all other areas, such as mental health, emotional health and spiritual ascension. 

People started noticing my cystic acne fading, my chubby weight slowly melting off and a positive attitude re-emerging after being gone for oh so long.

This solution first transitioned into whole food plant based classes at local juice shops, a nutrition workshop at WeWork and cool meetups in New York, Texas and Queens. 

And then another shift happened. Desk View

I realized we can automate our wellness practice and start being superhuman. 

If we can essentially eat cleaner, heal our body through willpower and dedication we can certainly move towards automating our wellness practice. 

We live in this world of information, between being able to find any infographic explaining the benefits of every food on Pinterest or being able to buy self-help books for almost any personal development goal, we can move into our superhuman self as a collective.  

Yuval Noah Harrari in the book Sapiens spoke about the next level of humans being superhuman as technology advances faster than ever.  

The common goal between both the technological community and the spiritual community is expanding our consciousness. It's pushing the thread of what we know, what we know we don’t know and what we don’t know we don’t know. 

And by taking the time to automate our wellness as well as be held accountable to fix our limiting behaviors we can be limitless. We can start to show up happier, experience less brain fog, less bodily ailments, have a stronger immune system and just be better versions of ourselves. 

It’s time to evolve past our limitations to automate wellness and fully own our power.