1 Hour Consultation Call~ Daily Energetic Matrix For Personal Development

1 Hour Consultation Call~ Daily Energetic Matrix For Personal Development

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We help you gain perspective on your current healing journey from a holistic, scientific and spiritual lens with this one-hour session. 

Well-versed in how food, inner resistance, thinking bigger picture, and the power of harnessing your full potential, I can help you logically reason through current issues to regain your strength. 

We have been undergoing one of the most massive shifts in our lifetime and you have the ability to synthesize these experiences to use as tools for happiness. 

We find Mo Gawdat's equation for happiness to be the simplest rule of thumb for living a happy life, in his book Solve for Happy, Mo says,

Happiness ≥ Reality - Expectations 

Discussion Points

If we can work together to put a shift in reality, expanding the way you see life at the level of thought then the benefit of a clearer, happier state of mind over the course of your life will be baseline bliss. 

Important book references include: 

- How Your Food Affects Your Happiness 

- Working Through Difficult Moments

- Thinking About the Bigger Picture 

- Implementing Behaviors for Ascension

Let us show you why your food choices, your thoughts and the way you feel impact your daily energetic expenditure. Combining the visible light spectrum, with the ph balance of food, levels of consciousness and how energy moves through your body, we can help you stabilize your daily energy, no matter what.